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Our job is to bring you peace of mind. To do that We find the solution to all of your pest problems and create the best plan of action to put your worries to rest.


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Are you experiencing a pest problem in or around your home?


In the Antelope Valley, homeowners are likely to experience unwanted pests at some time during the year. Each season brings its own pest control challenge. Rain, drought conditions, deviation from normal temperature, standing water, earth-to-wood contact and locations where landscaping touches your home are a few of the many conditions that invite pests inside. Here at Swanson Pest Solutions, our team of pest control professionals are here to help you get rid of ants, bees, mice and other pests no matter what the season!

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Swanson Pest Solutions offers no-obligation, free home evaluations that consist of a thorough look from a trained professional inside and around your home. We'll look for visible signs of pests, conducive conditions, Pest damage, moisture and water conditions and much more. We’ll provide a written report and make recommendations as needed.

My mission is to protect your home against all pest, and provide the solutions to keep them away.

Carl Swanson

Founder / CEO

Commercial —

Our business is protecting your business from pests


Swanson Pest Solutions understands the pest pressures faced by businesses in our region. That’s why we offer pest control solutions that protect your people, product, facility and reputation. Backed by more than 30 years of industry experience, we are ready to take on your company’s pest problems. And of course, because our commercial pest control services are ongoing, you can count on us to prevent insects and rodents from returning.

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Call or email to request a free, no-obligation business evaluation. A business evaluation consists of a thorough assessment of your facility by one of our trained professionals. We’ll make recommendations regarding grounds maintenance related to pest control and food storage. We’ll also identify openings for rodents, discuss preventative measures and much more.

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Our job is to bring you peace of mind. To do that We find the solution to all of your pest problems and create the best plan of action to put your worries to rest.




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 Since 1988 Carl has taken care of the pest control needs in the Antelope Valley and Surrounding areas. Swanson Pest Solutions brings new innovation to the industry by combining many years of experience and knowledge as well as a new energy and vision. Carl  and his wife Allison have committed themselves to continue to serve their community.


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